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This is an amazing job finding APP! I recommend everyone give it a try.

Great way to find other job opportunities

Love it


Great program

Great App

Easy to use compared with other job search apps that are out there.

Easy Breezy

It’s that easy to find and land a job in just a few clicks! Thank you.

Awesome sauce

Nuff said

Love this app

Pray I get a ft job soon on bus line or close to home 6163505465

Love this app

Jobs started calling me back real quick!!! Haven’t got a job to call me off of indeed and i had that for years

Best Employment app there is

I have gotten 6 job OFFERS (not just interviews) in 3 1-2 weeks!

Awesome app

My future job will come from this app

Very fast and efficient

Always gives me an alert when a new job posting.

It works

I have to admit that in the beginning I didn’t believe that it is even real but it did work. And i must say that as much they do no one else does.Appreciate all the help you have provided.

Easy to use!

Zip Recruiter makes it SUPER easy to find and apply for the jobs I'm looking for! I've legitimately never had an easier time applying for jobs



Great app

Easy to use, quick and effective Recommendations sent daily for possible employers


A lot of jobs, and easy to use.

Job seeker

Wonderful app!

ZipRecruiter functionality

The ZipRecruiter app helps me stay on top of my applications and the alerts are great- I don’t miss a thing. The organization and ease of use make this a great companion to the full site.

Love the app

Great app love that I can simply apply for jobs with a one click . After applying to so many places that fit me I get calls the same day for interviews the day I have now is from the app now searching for a Better one with more pay .

Zip Recruiter

Awesome site!

Great app

Great resource.

Great, but could improve.

I love this app because it makes my job search seem effortless. But, notifications are not available to be seen inside the app. Also, it would be great if the app supported the messages feature of the desktop version.

Great app

Very helpful

Constant Updates

The app is awesome! It provides regular updates to applicants so they know if the position is open or closed. They also know the status of their application and how many times it’s been reviewed for consideration. I recommend everyone download this app and stay updated.

Great way to rethink career realignment

Zip recruiter is very easy to use. Ever since I heard about this app through a radio during morning commute .. I have not stopped.

Easy to apply from inbox

User friendly and easy to apply from email inbox to 1-tap apply.

Awesome app

I love this app thank you guys for helping people out.

Best job searching app

ZipRecruiter has been by far the best job searching app I’ve ever used, it’s still way better than Monster and Indeed! What I like about this app is that it gives you option to ‘Mobile Apply’ straight through your phone, as well as ‘Desktop Apply’. The BESTEST part about this app though, is that for every job I’ve applied for, I have ALWAYS gotten in contact with a recruiter or the actual managers of the company within 1-3 days of applying for the job! I highly recommend this app for people who struggle with simply landing a job interview, or a even just a phone call with a recruiter! HAPPY JOB HUNTING!!!!!! :D


App works as it should. Clear and precise and notifications are also on point!

Great Job Listings

This app has helped me through times when there was no other to find a job in my local community.



Great app

I got a call from an employer for an interview from just 11 quick applications

Great App

Perfect app to help find a job with little searching!

LOVE this app!

Ziprecruiter makes the stress having to find a new job nonexistent! It makes applying for jobs so easy, your resume and references are all linked to your profile for a simple 1-Click Apply!!

Efficient and reliable service with great results

Always find their suggestions to be spot on with my resume and skill set. The app is user friendly and has great features!

Great so far!

Has tons of jobs online and are so easy to apply to, with just a tap! Im able to upload my resume and from there zip recruiter takes care of the rest.

Love love love!

So easy to use. Fast and efficient too!

Righteous. 🤘🏻

Need a job, but can’t waste gas driving around putting in applications? This app has got your back! Lots of great options, very detailed, great design, etc.. I mean, it’s basically a free app that pays you if used properly, so one might almost conclude that you’re getting paid to download it. Give it a go mate, see whatcha think.


It’s great

New and easy

It's a new way of searching jobs and so far I am liking it !!!


so cool

Great ap

Easy to use!!

Great App

Quickly send out resume for quality jobs.



Great app

More response than indeed.


Easy and efficient

Great app

Easy to use and straight forward

Well done.

This app is very helpful in a job search.

LOVE this app!

Fast, easy, and efficient when it comes to job hunting. Won’t use another app!


Great app. Recommended

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