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Fast resume setup

Yes, fast resume setup. Notifications when your resume is being reviewed by employers.

Great app

Got me a job in minutes!


Hands down best app to find the right job.


Easy to use!

Rapid response

Love how quickly I get responses to my applications.


Very friendly information management and real time feedback.

Easy Job Apply

This app has been super easy to apply for jobs.

Easy and simple

Best app as far as finding a job goes.


Intuitive, easy to view and apply for jobs, non intrusive notifications that are actually helpful. Great app.

Easy and accessible

However no calls thus for opportunity

This App is amazing.

This app is amazing for my current job hunt. The only problem is that the drop down menu for graduation year doesn’t have 2017 in it. That drop down menu stops and 2016.

Great App

Very informative, keeps you up to date.




Pretty much does the work for you!!!

Love it.

Simple set up. Easy to navigate.

Great app

Great app

It is easy

I have not got a job yet. I wish when they look at it they would call for interview

1 week of use, 3 reply’s and 2 interview requests

Love this app

Your personal information

Be careful. They share your personal information with third parties to market their products or services to you if you have consented to or not opted out of these disclosures. I deleted my app and close my account. If I’m looking for job I don’t understand why they share your information with Credit Cards companies?

Streamlined application process-great app

Love the ease of use and 1 tap apply


Love the notification that a company has viewed my resume! At least makes you feel like there is progress!

Makes it easy

Once you complete your profile, you only need to click to apply. Very helpful in saving time.

Great application

This application is very intuitive easy set up and ready to apply for jobs!


Best app!!

Makes looking for a career easy

I love the ease and access to apply, the updates, and the emails that provide careers that may be suited for you.

Amazing!!! App very easy , fast to use , apps for jobs in no thank me

Amazing amazing very easy and fast to use apply for jobs with 1 click

Great app

I got a job trough this app! I have received a few job offers but they were to far away.

Better Than Monster

I love that your resume can be labelled as “Great Match”, so you can be more prominent to a potential employer!

Five stars

Great app easy to use

Best job search engine out there!

I’ve tried every notable job search engine and none of them compare to zip recruiter!

Wonderful business you guys have

Very good company


Love the ease of this app!

Great App

I have found a lot of jobs on here

Amazing UI

Best part is the 1-Click applications! With I could give more stars!

Good, easy app

This app makes it easier to search and apply for jobs. I have applied from my phone when I wasn’t by my computer to apply.


Makes finding and submitting multiple applications very easy


Very good app.

Good app for jobs

Good format for the job listings and follow up tasks.


It’s pretty good

Just joined

So far I am enjoying this app!!!!

App is user friendly

Only been on it for 2 weeks still waiting to get back from jobs apply with app.

Making a tough situation easy

Everyone hates looking for a new job, but this app makes it much easier. The 1 tap apply saves my life! You know when your application is reviewed, when Manager are online. It's the best 🙂

ZipRecruiter App

Great app and very easy to use

Sooo Many scams-Marketing

I can’t speak for the other areas of specialty but only for marketing. So many of the “marketing” jobs are scams. They are actually door to door sales jobs or “road shows” that require you to work at a booth and sell stuff (think Costco). The app would be great if not for that. There’s a vetting process and Zip Recruiter constantly asks me as a job seeker to input references, but there seems to be no such vetting process for employers. Such a shame. The applicants are only as good as the postings so.....

Zip recruiter app

This app is great for job hunters


Very convenient to use and receive interviews.

Easy applications

Very easy interface with many jobs to search through and quick resume upload.

Nice app!

Very good


Great app to find jobs

Very satisfied

Good service in identifying my needs for job service.

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