ZipRecruiter Job Search App yorumlar




It makes finding a job so much easier it’s sometimes hard to leave the app on hoe many job opportunities u can get and on your level

Amazing app

I love this app it’s so convenient


This app makes applying for jobs a breeze! I love it. I can keep my resume on file and what I like most is I can see when an employer looks at my resume even when it’s done twice! I really love the fact that most salaries are on here as well. I have even been offered a job through Zip. I think that zip should allow you to have more than one resume on file that way you can have a more tailored resume to fit only certain job types. I also enjoy not having to do a cover letter, as it’s time consuming and you have to cater each to a specific job..this app is amazing!

Great job app!

Easy to use, submit and look forward to responses. I can search for jobs instead of wasting time on social media 🙄

Rad App

They provide you with any type of jobs.

Needs work

Like the app, but how can I edit or remove an alert? Not intuitive.

Indeed is a reliable online employement service!

It has been a while since I've had to seek employment. Indeed is reputable, reliable, and delivers accurate email notifications. I have found other agencies that use key words to trick me! For example a dream of mine has always been to train and become a flight attendant. Instead these companies use "attendant" I receive parking attendant etc! I am happy they have smart IT team and not a ridiculous search engine. Thank you Indeed Team!

Love it

I love the one touch apply !

Spam on 1-Click Apply Posts

Zip Recruiter should be researching if 1-click apply posts are legitimate businesses. I am currently being harassed via text message and my work email (not listed on my profile) by a company who I can't find an address for. Granted, I should have looked up the company before applying. However, if you as a company are going to provide a feature such as "1-click applying" people should expect this to be verified as a legitimate company by Zip Recruiter.


This app is so easy to use and intuitive. My searches are precise even if I only use one word. I can apply to most jobs with a single click. How can you beat that?

I submit over 100 resume and not one reach out to me

I submit over 100 resume and not one reach out to me. I been told from many people they just to collect resume n data and planning to sell the company because have they big followers.

Nice, fast, helpful

I only wish I could “copy” or click on links given through the application process. Some employers offer a link to read through their company policies. Makes it impossible if I have to memorize it then type it out myself later.

Successful way to find Employment

They GET interviews scheduled Definitely!!!!


Get referred to app constantly and can’t tell if it has downloaded. Responding to add a reference, but going in circles.


If i could give this app 0 stars i would. Every time i would apply for a job it would send me a email saying that they reviewed my application and send me even more jobs to apply to, similar to the one i specifically applied for. It’s been 3 maybe 4 weeks since I’ve been using this app and all the emails I’ve ever gotten from this stupid app was recommended jobs to apply for. Not one email from companies have gotten back to me. Just emails stating how they reviewed my application and recommendations for similar jobs that won’t get back to you. I SUGGEST MERLIN!!!!!! MERLIN IS A WAY BETTER APP. YOU CAN SPEAK TO THE ACTUAL EMPLOYER AND THEY WILL TELL YOU DIRECTLY THROUGH THE APP IF YOU GOT THE JOB OR NOT. THEY SET UP INTERVIEWS RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Awesome App

Finally an app that finds the right jobs and lets you apply fast!

Love it

Love that I can one tap apply

Good so far

It’s really good so far. I like that the app tells you when someone views your application and they have someone who looks at your resume and actually finds jobs that fit your resume and your experience

Great app

Easy to navigate and use

Great communication

Love this site. I get notifications when a company views my application. No other site does that. Also, it’s so much easier to read and apply.

Resume Upload

The app itself is great. The only problem I have is when you are uploading your resume and it does the automatic fill in stuff for it, it gets all messed up and out of order and a pain to fix.


Thank you for making it so easy to navigate the job market. This app has been so helpful!

2 Biz Eee 2 Right 1 NOW

Guys I’ll write a bad review if the UI forces me to write one. Just moved. Dealing with all that. Redoing resume. Meeting folks to scope job marketplace.

Zip Recruiter App

Always the best app ever to use to find a job no matter what state you are in, salary requested, location and details of the job...all with one tap apply bc I absolutely hate filling out a ton of info, when I’ve already submitted my resume.


Always on Point


Great as hell

Love It

The apply with one click feature is amazing. Searching for jobs is easy. Plus the app recommended positions I hadn’t considered before. I would highly recommend it!

It’s helps

It’s helps my goals where they want to put me in and also people who work with ZipRecruiter they look into your resume; seeing best suits you.

Easy interface.

App works wonderfully.

Product Engineer

Love this app, I’ve had great success with a few reputable companies. Thanks ZR

Small discrepancy

When I put in a specific request other situations are listed

Need remote filter

I would like to filter on a range of money and also find Tele commuter jobs. To help streamline my views

What Alexander in between said!

What Alexander in between said!


Everything crossed! I wanna do something different.....

Best job app!!!

This app is a lot better format than any other. I like the ease of access to my jobs I have applied to and the work related content Thank You


Pretty cool app.

I will change my review if I find employment off this web site

The set up makes it easy to apply. They have great listing on jobs though. Appearance an app is motivating.


Makes the job search very easy. Saves a lot of time and gets you where you want to go. EMPLOYED !!

Great Job Search App

Very helpful. Alerts let you know when your resume has been viewed by employer.



Very user friendly!!!

My wife introduced me to this app and the minute she created my profile I got a email for a job!! Awesome app and very easy to use and real time alerts and you can see what employers viewed your profile!! Keep up the good work!!!


Easiest App to use and not complicated like others. Super simple!!!

User Friendly and Great Follow up!

Really enjoy how the app facilitates the job search!

Really easy to use!

Basically the title and its not a pain in the butt like some of these other ones *cough* indeed app *cough cough*


Love it. So convenient


Applying for jobs was so frustrating until I downloaded this app! No more “redirects”, no more pop up ads during the application process! I can now apply in one simple click! LOVE IT!


I like this app, however, I would like to be able to delete my resume, rather than just be able to replace it. I would also like to have the option to upload more than 1 resume. I like the one click apply.

Great App!!

I recently installed ZR app and have had constant action/leads!


A man called me for MA position when I call him back 10 minutes later I explained to him I just received a call from you I listened to his voicemail I’m interested in the position he can’t find my name, he can’t look for my resume after I told him how my name spelled and under which name I am on zip recruiter. After so many attempts he said to me he’ll call back soon he find the resume never heard from him till now.. I don’t trust this website and the recruiters

Good app

Very straight forward. It works as you’d expect and is easy to use.

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