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Message Portion

WHERE IS THE MESSAGING PORTION?! I Missed A Job Opportunity Because Of You Guys Taking It Off!!


Functions amazing, easy to use, reliable

Client looking for fulfilling job opportunity.

You have a great variety of positions available in variety of levels and locations in my area.

Great app and very helpful.

Feels like they try hard to help find folks a job and I appreciate it. Thank you!

Do it!

Very easy format. They advertise where executives watch and listen. Get the app

Great job searching site

This is a great job searching site. Very detailed and helpful.

Administrative Coordinator

This is a job that is in my field. I understand the type of employee you are looking to hire for this position. I would like an opportunity to be interviewed for the position. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and have experience, skills, professionalism, and personality to handle this position for your company. Sincerely, Lendra Sanders


I love that I can view when my application is reviewed

Love it!!!

This app ROCKS

2 interviews in 7 days

I love he follow-up I get through ziprecruiter letting me know when my applications have been viewed. The app is a little buggy when you get to the bottom of a page, but other than that, I have been really happy and hope to have a success story to add to my review very soon!


App is trash it keeps showing me jobs in other cities when I already set up my settings

Need a job fast? This is THE app!

The app has given be great results and FAST! I have stopped and started looking for a job many times and EVERY time my phone starts ringing and emails start coming in right away. Great quality jobs and a very user friendly system.


Takes frustrations out of looking for job

Best job searching app

I went through most of the job searching apps, but I feel very good comfort by applying through Zip. User friendly

Worth it

Within hours of applying to positions, I’ve been getting calls from companies inviting me for interviews! Before this if been applying to jobs for months

Filters needed

For those of us seeking part time work, more filters are needed. The categories I’m looking at (nights, weekends) are inundated with third party service providers and there is no way to see positions available without scrolling through many posts for the same job, just with a slightly different tag line. Lift and Disney are the worst offenders of the multiple listings for the same spot.

Still Too many pyramid scheme-like posts...

Zip is STILL full of marketing schemes. They’re easy to apply to and you’re likely to be called up for an interview. Their titles are very misleading and the schemes will appear regardless of your search. You’ll be lucky enough to find something that applies to you. I wrote that many months ago. Nothing has changed. I have deleted the app.


Horrible search. I put management and get sales associate. Trash search engine.


once i just get my job i would give 5 star

So much better than Indeed

Highly recommend

Great App!

Easy To Use

Recommended Jobs Issue

I live in the Southeastern United states and the entire “fresh jobs” category covers NY and NJ...I’ve never applied there.

Zip recruiter is awesome

Man every job I got hired in at, was from this website, zip recruiter is the best. I been working at one of the jobs for 9 months now, and I just had another interview from another company. I done had so many interviews before I decide which one I was gone pick.

Gods got this

All things to further his kingdom. Thanks you Jesus for salvation.

Super easy to use!

Your site/app are easy to navigate and you send me jobs I’m interested in! You guys are great!

Great app!

Search features are great. The artificial intelligence is great. Makes this tedious process a heck of a lot easier.

Nicely done

Easy to use with good alerts I just need to narrow down the radius of work and could not find it how.


This is the most focused job site I have used. The communication is clear, informative and fast. I love how they let you know who has been looking at your resume and making suggestions how to make your resume more attractive. Once I uploaded my resume, I have been able to apply for jobs on the run with the “mobile apply “ function that is so easy and awesome!

Best Job Search app created !

This is my ONLY job search app that I use . It’s so easy to use and so easy to apply and you actually get contacted !!! I’ve tried OTHER job search apps and they are nothing compared to ziprecruiter! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Better than Indeed

I’ve had much more action on Than on indeed. I actually get interviews with Zip


Nice and easy platform to use ! Really easy to find high paying Jobs! Thanks for all the Help!

Using this app

I have only one complaint you can’t generate jobs in all the areas that you have experience in. I would recommend this app to anyone looking for that perfect job : )


I really love this app very helpful

Waste of money

At the beginning everyone was so positive about everything, once the job posting went up everything changed, First of all either the candidates lived far far away, or they already had a job, or they didn’t have any experience about the job, Such a wast of money, I got more response from indeed even Craigslist.

It was great

I’ve been using this for a couple of week and it was perfect and for some reason now I can’t do the questions after you apply I’ll move it back to 5 stars when that is fixed


Thank you for the amazing choices please help me get a job though.

Awesome job app

I’ve found employment within 1 month of downloading the app I’ve been employed approximately 1 year and my pay rate is 19.88hr with benefits and 401k all thanks to zip recruiter


It’s so simple to apply and very easy to navigate. A great tool for someone serious about quality employment

Great...if you need to be qualified for zilch

I don’t know who’s behind your algorithms—first graders? I send you my resume. I complete my profile. I tell you I’m an attorney licensed in NY. 16 years of experience. No car. Need to stay within NYC. I speak English, French, and a little Spanish. So, I beg of you—please—STOP spamming me with jobs for lawyers who have 5 years experience in New Jersey and speak Mandarin. I mean, it’s bad enough half the world thinks my profession is a joke; apparently, these recruiters are the worst bottom feeders of them all.

Great company to apply for new job easy to use the ZipRecruiter appp

Great company to apply for new job easy to use the ZipRecruiter appp

Job site

Great App!


Won’t let me create a account keeps saying it will send me a email I never get!

Great app

This app is super helpful, the profile is easy to set up and I have gotten many job interviews.

Jobs not relevant

Suggested jobs and keyword search jobs are not relevant to searches.


Help me find a job in no time


I submitted an application for zap enterprises and was hired after a face to face interview and starting training already next week! Great app and service for people with an education changing careers!

The best job search app for professional.

User friendly and easy to navigate. Must have!


This app is the absolute best way to look up, apply and follow up on jobs. I’ve had this app for about a week and already have four interviews lined up!

Awesome App

Love it!! Very informative and the “1 tap apply” feature is amazing!

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